• Daylin Sullivan is to the point in her life where she believes that nothing good is ever going to happen, with one disappointment and heartache after another...and after a sudden breakup with a guy who she thought just might turn her life around, she finds herself alone again. At a diner on New Year's Eve, contemplating another slice of apple pie, she notices a brochure for a running group called Dash for the Dream and the name Patrick Litton as the head of the group. A familiar name, one she hadn't heard since her high school track days. She wondered could it be him, the only person who truly understood her? Should she check out the group? She always had feelings for him. Was he married now? What if it was him? Was she ready to just maybe take another chance with a guy on love?
    Patrick Litton was surprised by the email from Daylin Sullivan, the one girl who he could never quite get out of his head....a recent widower with a young daughter with CF, his running group was a way to raise awareness and money for research for this disease. Memories of his younger days spent with Daylin resurfaced. His mother told him it was time to look for a new love, was it Daylin? Was he ready for a new romance? He had his plate full with everything going on in his life, was there room for a new love?
    Heartache and Hope is a story of never giving up, of waiting for God's timing with the matters of your life, of hope and love. Mary Manners always delivers a well written book that you cannot put down until you finish it. I highly recommend this book.

    Ann Berg


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