• Heartache and Hope: By Mary Manners
    Sins and Virtues: Book #2

    Never give up.....

    Have you experienced a time in your life in which you thought you didn't belong, that you had no purpose? Join me January 8 to allow Daylin's story to bring hope to your heart and peace to your soul. You see, Daylin was at a point in her life where she thought she didn't belong, she was unsure of her purpose. She had a good job, she had friends, she's been in love, she believed in God. But her life was missing something, Daylin had low self esteem, and she wasn't sure where she fit in. Until the day she met the family who helped her several years ago in high school. The family that opened their arms to her once again. The problem was..., the problem was Patrick, their son. A single father to a CF child, Patrick remembers all to well the feelings he had for Daylin back in high school. Can love reunite for he and Daylin, Patrick wonders. Can Daylin hold onto her faith in Him to have confidence in herself, to trust that she has purpose, that she does fit in? If you feel like you're in Daylin's situation, this read is for you. Daylin will show you how strength, courage and love will find you on top of the world. Yes, the road can be rocky, the tears may flow, but never give up, God loves you and you do have purpose! January 8, this powerful, eloquently written story comes to life. Happy reading!

    Sharon Dean


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