• I usually shy away from novella's because they often move too fast causing the love interests into forced relationships to early in the story. But JoAnn Durgin's novella's never disappoint me. She has a knack for developing complex characters with depth no matter the length of her books.

    Collin is a British born (read dreamy accent) man with impeccable taste in clothes, a witty sense of humor and a new found humility as a believer. He used to deal with past hurts by seeking fulfillment in meaningless relationships until he realized the most important relationship is with his Savior. At peace with his past he is now pursuing his broadcast career in Philadelphia as a morning show co-host. His new assistant, Serena, is a quiet, strong and beautiful woman with more disappointment than one should have at her age. Her personal life is complicated so she is not interested in a relationship with her new co-worker. But, it's not long before Collin and Serena's attraction to one another is too strong to ignore. Collin must pursue with patience as Serena learns to trust that Collin and more importantly God has her best interest at heart.

    Starlight in Her Eyes is a continuation of a great Christmas novella series. I intended to read it slow because I have read all of the others and I knew this was the last. But, it was so entertaining it was hard to find a stopping point. This book can be read as a stand alone book but I would suggest starting from the beginning with Meet Me Under the Mistletoe and working your way up to this one. You will not be disappointed.
    Cammi O

    PBG Marketing Dept


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