• In StarLight in Her Eyes we get to see Colin's story unfold. Colin was first introduced to us in Sleigh Ride Together with You as Nicole's sidekick on Wake Up Des'Moines. Colin has since been transferred to Wake Up Philadelphia. It's the same concept of a job but Colin is in unfamiliar territory and meets some interesting co-workers along the way. The one he's intrigued with the most is his assistant, Serena. JoAnn has done it again by bringing us a story with characters that will warm your heart and bring joy to your soul. Colin's story is just that. Colin shows us that it's okay to be different and to follow your heart in all you do. Because he's learning about God and faith is so new to him. But Colin with all his British charm believes in his heart that God won't send true love his way. But God has true love for all of us. Colin soon learns that with Serena. Can Serena's past be put aside to make a way for true love to surface for her and Colin? It's hard as she has Lily, her daughter, to consider in all of this. A test of faith, a test of love, they both battle the past, the present and the future. Join me in reading this heartwarming story that will captivate your spirit and bring a newfound faith to your hearts.
    Sharon D

    PBG Marketing Dept


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