• i have come to expect great things from JoAnn Durgin books, and Starlight in Her Eyes does not disappoint! This is a heartwarming story of inspiration where the characters learn to lean on faith and learn forgiveness
    Colin and Serena must learn to work together first and then they can learn to love together. They both have past hurts to overcome. Colin is still a new Christian and trying to overcome his past reputation. Serena is healing from the wounds of a marriage gone wrong. These two don’t have an easy road to their Happily Every After!
    Serena’s daughter, Lily brings a heartwarming element to the story. It’s hard to tell if Serena or Lily falls in love with Colin first, but it is evident that the three were meant to be a family. Along their journey they meet up with all the fun people of Starlight, Iowa. This book stands on its own, but for fans of Starlight you will enjoy the fact that Colin and Serena’s story gives you an update on all the best characters of Starlight!

    If you haven’t already read the first three books in the series, I highly recommend that you go back and begin with Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.

    Amy P

    PBG Marketing Dept


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