Starlight in Her Eyes

Starlight in Her Eyes

Jo Ann Durgin is a wonderful author and I purchase her books as soon as

they come out. I so enjoy her way of writing Christian fictions books and they

encourage me!

Her newest book, Starlight in Her Eyes is another excellent book of

JoAnn’s. The characters of Colin, Serena, and Lily are very believable. I feel like I

know them personally after reading their story. Jesus changes lives in this book

and in real life and I love how Ms. Durgin expresses that in all her books,

especially Starlight in Her Eyes. God led my husband and I together and I love

how Colin and Serena fall in love and look for God for guidance in their

relationship like my husband and I do. I also love the way she brings in other

character from past books and yet, you do not have to read the other books to


Please continue to publish her books and thank you for reading my review.

Please only list my name on the review if you choose to use it

Beth C.

PBG Marketing Dept, 01/24/2016
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