• Christmas Rescue Route
    By: LoRee Peery

    Don't be afraid to follow your heart:

    Oh, love at first site! I never thought it could happen but 25 years ago it did when I met my husband. People always told us it couldn't be love at first site, that being married within 12 months of meeting, our marriage would never last. 25 years later the love is stronger than ever for us. It was so nice to read a Christmas story that brought back lots of memories of our early years and to reminisce on the love we shared and continue to share. LoRee has brought to us a precious story of Izzy and Brock set at Christmastime full of emotion and passion. Their story unfolds by Brock listening to his heart that something is wrong while traveling I-80 during a horrific snow storm. That's where he meets Izzy, rescuing her from an overturned car down an embankment close to a river. Staying with her during her time of need, Brock can't seem to walk away once paramedics arrive. It's like love at first site. He is drawn to Izzy right down to the dimple on her cheek. With her family snowed in a few towns over, Izzy takes Brock up on his offer to stay with him and his family through Christmas Eve until he can get her to her parents house. Izzy feels the same attraction to Brock but she wonders how in the world could this ever work out, she didn't even know him and she was in college preparing for her career far away. She had her whole life ahead of her and had it planned out and at this time, dating wasn't in the picture. Can Brock change her heart and allow them to give it a chance? The more time they spent together, the more each of them were falling in love. Could their faith in God keep them together and give love a chance? Izzy and Brock teaches us to never to be afraid to follow your heart, because God is on the path with you. Join me on December 1st in reading Izzy and Brock's story and bring back memories of the day you fell in love with your guy or girl. This read is packed with emotion that will keep you wanting more from Izzy and Brock and the bond they share. Happy Reading!

    Sharon Dean


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