• Santiago Sol was my first journey with Niki Turner. The story begins with Tansy holding the frail hand of a former missionary she’d been interviewing. The elderly woman insists Tansy hand deliver a stolen heirloom to the Sandoval family. The adventure takes Tansy from Denver to Chile. Sebastian Sandoval flies from Miami to Santiago. He’s attracted to the nervous beauty whose hazel eyes “ratcheted the hum into a buzz at the base of his skull.” They part at landing, but Tansy needs to avail herself of Sebastian’s offer to help before she leaves the airport. “Tansy settled into a leather seat that hugged her tired frame like a lover.” Sigh. Ms. Turner has a way with phrases, surprises, and intrigue. I read the story with avid appreciation, and look forward to my next trip with Niki Turner.

    LoRee Peery


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