• Lou and her mother, along with friends Staci and Jim, are awakened by a phone call. An earthquake and tsunami hit the Philippines where Staci and Jims’ parents are missionaries.
    For days, Jim studies Lou’s mother Nichola for any news. It finally comes when the hunt for survivors comes to an end.
    Ideas are verbalized. He wants to take his father’s boat as soon as school lets out and sail from England to find their parents. Lou claims she’d like to live on the boat. Staci announces she’ll run away if they can’t stay in England with Lou and Nichola.
    Jim pressures himself to man-up and plots to take the boat to sea. Social Services contacts their aunt, who insists Staci return to boarding school. Lou tells Staci it’s too dangerous for him to go alone, especially at the beginning of June, which is hurricane season.
    Ms. Revell pulled me right in to the story. Their first adventure strikes before they hit the open sea. A boat explodes and Lou jumps in to save three officers who went overboard. At sea, they handle adversity amidst determination. Personal injury, storm-tossed seas, a ghost ship, unexplained singing, even an angel.
    Three months later, with no radio or phone, Lou is attacked by a shark. She’s patched up, and spends a month in bed. Her first turn at the helm, she changes course. They end up on an island in November.
    Throughout the story questions rise and fall. Among them, will they find the missionary parents? Will Lou realize her soul is at risk? Who is the stranger from America they’ve had contact with twice? The story ends with a bang, no spoiler from me. I want to read the next story. Now.

    LoRee Peery


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