Finding Mia

Finding Mia

Finding Mia by Dianne J. Wilson is a great read. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a thrilling, suspenseful ride. It is a 5-star book.

Isobel is sitting on the beach with her canvas hoping she can finally feel that desire to paint something on the canvas. She has lost her muse. While looking out she noticed a piece of driftwood with a something red tied around it. Curiosity moves her to look for that driftwood to see what it is and where it has landed. She spots a small child tied to the driftwood and hurries to check this out. The child needs emergency care and she picks her up and rushes her to the ER.

Dr. Liam Brigham takes the child and disappears. Soon after, Isobel leaves the hospital.

The story really speeds up as Isobel is asked by the doctor to take the little girl home with her.

Otherwise, this little girl would be placed in foster care. Why would he ask her?

Isobel winds us with 2-year old Mia who does not seem to talk. Isobel feels totally unprepared for the journey ahead of her. Liam comes by the house to check on them.

Single mothers have suddenly disappeared and their children are gone. This is unknown by Isobel and details are not shared with her. Will Mia disappear? Will Isobel meet with the disaster of other mothers?

The author has crafted a novel of romance, mystery, and friendships. It was given to me by Pelican Book Club to review. I loved it and will look forward to other books by this author.

Note: Although it is a Christian novel, anyone would enjoy it if you like mysteries.

Barbara (GA)

PBG Marketing Dept, 06/01/2015
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