• My heart is so full of God's love and forgiveness as I finished " The Vigil" by Marian P. Merritt. It deals with story of Cheryl returning to her home in Bijou Bayou, La, a place she vowed never to return.
    This deals with two journeys, one to reunite with her family and the second journey as a hospice nurse.
    In the second journey, she helps her dying patient achieve forgiveness by reading him letters from his lost love.
    This book reminds me of the " Prayer Box" by Lisa Wingate
    Some of my favorite excerpts from the book ," the cross that symbolized so much. It represented the ultimate sacrifice and redemption."
    " For all of us lost souls striving to survive in a world that would rather we stayed lost. I was blessed to see it was never to late to forgive and receive forgiveness."
    Marian, God's words through you has touched my soul.
    A copy of this book was given exchange for an honest review.
    Coming Feb 2015

    Linda Rainey


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