Her Nerdy Cowboy

Her Nerdy Cowboy

Chunky black eyeglasses and a book lover? Awesome! So Logan McDaniel isn't your typical cowboy hero, but I admired him anyway. Not only did he put his career on hold to help his recently widowed sister with the kids, but horseback riding and ranching isn't his thing.

He was not up to this filling-another-man's-shoes task, no matter what his mother said or Macy thought. He wasn't heroic, as Claire and his sister declared. Just woefully nerdy and inadequate. But he'd try. Beginning in just a few hours at four-dark-nasty in the morning.

And what woman wouldn't love a man who's good with kids? Of course, that endears him to Nanny Claire. But when Claire becomes ill, and he brings dinner and reads to her...insert dreamy sigh. Yeah. Hero, right?

I can understand being reluctant to pick up a dollar download, but this petite thirty seven pages covers two years, from the cute meet to the...well, let's just say it covers two years, so you won't feel short-changed. Her Nerdy Cowboy is flirty and light, and is the perfect size and flavor to read during your lunch break or in the pick-up line at school. And did I mention that it's FREE all through Lent? Don't wait! But even if you can't scoop it up before the sale ends, it's only $1. :)

Disclaimer: I received Her Nerdy Cowboy FREE from Pelican Book Group as part of their 40 days of Lent free e-book program.

Dora Hiers, 03/10/2015
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