• Christmas Eva
    By: Clare Revell

    I had been given the honor by the author, Clare, to read and review this title.

    A blissful romantic story to get you into the holiday spirit amidst your days of preparation and shopping for that perfect gift. Clare has brought two characters, Eva and Matthew, together to pull our heartstrings and keep us the edge of our seats. Matthew, an actor full of life and living for God, his stanza in the entertainment world is full of struggles as he keeps his faith and God close to him in every film he makes. He then meets Eva, a huge fan whom he can't get out of his mind. But Eva's life turns to tragedy and she shuts herself down from the world, her family and her faith. Can her crush on this famous actor and his newly fallen love for her bring them together and bring peace and comfort to their hearts? Or will the harshness of reality between the entertainment industry in Matthew's life and Eva's determination that she is not worthy keep them apart? This romantic love story will make your heart beat faster as you fall in love with these characters. Bring in your Christmas season with this amazing read and find out what God has in store for Matthew and Eva, two characters you will come to adore! Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!!!

    Sharon Dean


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