Snowflake Kisses

Snowflake Kisses

Snowflake Kisses
Marianne Evans

“Snowflake Kisses” by Marianne Evans takes you on a splendid visit to London and is a delightful read.

Sometimes our biggest hurts and challenges can lead us to our best blessings!

“Snowflake Kisses” will captivate you right from the start. Vanessa, who we fell in love with in “Finding Home”, seems to be in quit the predicament. Jackson happens along at just the right moment. Coincidence, chance or divine appointment. You will have to decide as you read.

London is full of wonder at this time of year and each snowflake seems to be full of romance and charm for these two. Loving family and friends see the connection long before Vanessa and Jackson, they try to advise, help, support and provide assistance without interference. Marianne tells this in the most delightful way and truly brings these characters to life and your heart.

No matter what stage of your relationship with GOD you are in and no matter what stage the other person is in, we can learn something from each other if we will just be open to receive GODs teachings. Jackson is recovering from a broken heart that does not want to let him go easily. Vanessa loves her job but wonders about her safety. Can they help each other find answers? Vanessa and Jackson have much to teach each other about life and trusting GOD. You will laugh and cheer with them as they deal with this new found bound they share.

This is a five star Hallmark movie maker for sure!

Renette Steele, 12/19/2014
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars