• Very exciting, action filled and suspenseful. This book captured me from the first page. Triple Threat, a contemporary drama, does not slow down until the very end. The story is built around the very real possibilities of terrorist threats upon the United States.
    Katie Brandt is a brilliant and beautiful character. She is also committed to Jesus Christ, her Savior. Joshua West is a handsome, ex-football player, geek, who doesn’t really have any committed beliefs concerning God. It’s a wild ride as the two use technology to attempt to stop the terrorist threats, come head to head in their God discussions, and begin to fall deeply in love.
    Triple Threat is a great culmination to the Pure Genius series. I think that each book seems better than the book before. I hate to see it end and would love it, if there was a Book 5. All the characters are interesting individuals, who combine to add humor, excitement and love to the stories. I especially was uplifted by the strong, Christian commitment of Granddad and some of the other characters.
    If you’d like an exciting read with deep Christian values, romance, and contemporary situations, please read Triple Threat. Read the whole series!

    Kay Moorhouse


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