Evergreens and Angels

Evergreens and Angels

Evergreens and Angels: Book 4
Wildflower and Wishes Series
By: Mary Manners


Mary, you have done it again! Brought us a heartwarming Christmas story sharing a blossoming romance filled with family traditions and the love of what family is all about. What truly special darling characters you have created in this story! So sweet.

The love Brynn, her Gran and Gramps share and the special memories have brought me to reminiscing about my grandparents. Loosing them at an early age, their story you gave us reminds me that even though mine are in Heaven, the times we shared are altogether special and their roles helped to make who I am today. A touching tribute you created for all grandparents and their grandchildren alike!

Oh sweet Dillon! Your dedication to your family and the community and helping keep your fathers dream alive, so inspiring! And your sweet nature and go with the flow be happy attitude you have, you know the value of Gods plan for you and share that in your character so effortlessly. A man of commitment, of honor, of love, you are what every man should be. You make the Cutler clan so proud!

But can the past memories Dillon and Brynn share, with years separating their lives, bring them together to find the love that they both desire? Will Gods plan for them include a blossoming romance together? With pasts that make them hesitate sharing their feelings for each other, how bumpy is the path God has placed them on? Readers, you will be intrigued by their story! A heartwarming Christmas story all about family and love. Thank you, Mary, for another amazing read!!!

Sharon Dean, 11/05/2014
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars