Helsinki Sunrise

Helsinki Sunrise

This charming Christian love story with feisty heroine, Eveliina Mikkola is set, surprisingly, in the exotic location of Finland.

Missionary Adam Carter from Africa has been offered the use of the family cottage on a beautiful lake by a close friend of his, who turns out to be Eveliina’s brother, and he plans to spend three weeks there fasting and praying. Unbeknown to her brother, Eveliina needs a break from a stressful job and an equally stressful relationship, and decides that a stay at the beloved family cottage is just what the doctor ordered.

Imagine her surprise when she arrives to find a strange man in the sauna! Handsome and well-proportioned he may be, but Eveliina orders him to leave. Unbelievably he refuses. Never one to accept defeat, Eveliina decides to use every feminine trick in her considerable arsenal to force Adam to leave…and so begins a most entertaining love story.

I have never read a love story where the main character is fasting and praying of all things, and yet Marion Ueckermann skilfully turns what could be dry and boring into a modern day Taming of the Shrew with a Christian twist. You can almost feel the sexual tension; laugh at the antics; and smell the scrumptious blueberry pies. Marion has an intimate knowledge of Finland as her son was a missionary there for some time and married a Finn. It shows in the myriad of interesting details and descriptions that are so fascinating to a reader from Africa like me.

Marion also skilfully weaves the thread of God’s great love and providence into the story without preaching and the reader is always aware of His benevolent presence, so can relax and enjoy the ride through the twists and turns, knowing that a loving God who does hear and answer prayer will surely answer Adam’s.

A light, quick and enjoyable read, I highly recommend Helsinki Sunrise to you.

Aldyth Thomson - Beauty for Ashes Women's Conferences Organiser

PBG Marketing Dept, 08/30/2014
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