Helsinki Sunrise

Helsinki Sunrise

What do you get when you cross a devout (hot!) missionary fasting before going on the mission field, a bitter missionary kid whose parents died in their service to God, and a small island with one house and sauna? You get a great love story! God woos Eveliina back from her stressful, bitter life using Adam as a lure. In an ironic struggle involving a sauna, blueberry pie, paint, and prayer, Eveliina falls in love with Adam even as she tries to make him break his fast and leave the island.

The island retreat belongs to Mikko and Eveliina’s grandparents. Mikko promised Adam a three week, solitary retreat for his preparation for the mission field. However, Eveliina decides to escape her stressful job, relationship, and life without knowing the cabin is occupied. Mayhem ensues in the war of who gets to stay on the island.

Eveliina has been running from God since the death of her parents on the mission field. She is living the glamorous city life, loving her boss, and thinking she has it all. Without God in her life, she finds little pleasure in any of it. Adam represents everything from which she has tried to run away. Her brother Mikko has followed in his parents’ footsteps into mission work. Adam is a friend of Mikko who continues to ask others to pray for Eveliina and her relationship with God. Eveliina takes delight is torturing Adam offering coffee, pie, home-cooking, and even herself to him to try to break his devotion to God.

Adam tries to bring her words from God. He has often prayed for her when Mikko had asked for prayer. He feels he has been given an opportunity to be God’s ambassador and bring her back into relationship with God. However, her temptations become more and more difficult to resist. He finds himself attracted to Mikko’s worldly sister, even as he is attempting to focus on God and his mission. Eveliina becomes God’s mission for him.

I was blessed to read this story as a part of ACFW’s Scribes. In submission after submission, Marion created the drama and Christian passion for God as well as for each other in Eveliina and Adam. I was sorry to finish the story.
Diane Tatum, Author of Gold Earrings

PBG Marketing Dept, 08/30/2014
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