• Pure Amore: Book Six

    Blackberry Ridge: By Mary Manners

    Sugar and Spice

    Oh Mary! What whimsical characters you have for us in Chloe and Connor! Oh they are such a delight! And keep you on your toes, indeed! Readers, you will fall in love with these two. Chloe takes on babysitting her niece while her Sister and husband are out of town. Not knowing a handyman will be on the property doing some renovations. A handyman from her past! Struggling to keep the past the past, Chloe has a very hard time focusing when Connor is around. She trusts her faith in God to keep Connor at arms length. But is her faith enough? Join me in reading how Chloe and Connor struggle to stay far apart which only leads them closer together. With heaps and bounds, you will laugh, you will cry! Their story is a page turner for sure!!

    Pure Amore, Book 6, by Mary was a very inspiring, emotional yet courageous story that continues this one a month for a year set about purity and saving yourselves for marriage. This set is going to change hearts of all ages in ways beyond words. It's so hard growing up in today's time but the authors of this entire set show us that God loves us and He is always with us and with Him by our side, He gives us joy, hope and love that will make our hearts stronger and oh so very happy!! That's what each of us deserves. I'm so excited that we will be shown this throughout the set. Every guy and girl needs to hear this message. It's such an honor we can hear about it through the Pure Amore ministry!

    Sharon Dean


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