• Flirting With Danger
    A fun time going for the steal…legally!

    This is a beautiful romance, beautifully written—which is what I’ve come to expect in any Wendy Davy title. In Flirting with Danger, Davy takes readers on a rollicking ride into the world of the repossession specialist. With hero and heroine as competitors in the industry, vying for commissions on the same high-end repo jobs, it becomes a high-stakes game of cat and mouse...and not only in the form of compensation. Sabrina Grady’s determination, courage, and willingness to take risks rouses the gallant, protective, nurturing side of tough-guy Gavin Sykes. I enjoyed watching the two wake up to what drove them, and what really mattered to each other. An exciting, well-written story that contains all the components necessary to make a book genuinely good. Absolutely recommended!
    by Delia Latham

    PBG Marketing Dept


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