• Simple Blessings by Marry Manners

    This sweet romance by Mary Manners IS, quite simply, a blessing. As a reader, I was honestly touched and blessed, again and again, as I watched love unfold one beautiful "petal" at a time, between hero, heroine, and little Jenna. Manners never misses a chance to shine the light of God on a situation, yet her writing never becomes boring or preachy, and her Christian heroines never seem prudish or lacking in interest, fire, and personality. SIMPLE BLESSINGS presents a handsome, rugged, down-to-earth hero learning to be a dad to his brother's child; a beautiful, strong, sweetheart of a heroine dealing with a career crisis; an orphaned child...and a big oaf of a canine friend. All together, they steal the reader's heart while learning valuable life lessons and becoming aware of the simple blessings in their world. Beautiful story, beautifully told!

    By Delia Latham

    PBG Marketing Dept


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