• Pure Amore: Book Two

    When Love Triumphs: By Dora Hiers

    What if? We all have asked that to ourselves a million times.

    Dora has so eloquently written a story that gives us the courage to not say what if, but to say wow, God is so good and His plan for me has put me here and I cannot be more happier. In this book, Winter is striving to live each day as best she can without tackling her past to face her fears of a tragedy that tore her world apart or to find love when it has been in front of her all along. Until the day Tanner moved next door. Tanner was her world, her love years earlier. The what if's constantly circled her. Fear of the what if's scared her like nothing else could. Until God gave her courage. And Winter has taught me that same courage through her story. Courage to not look back, courage to face the fear that is drowning you, courage to love again. Courage to live. Don't question what if, but walk along side of our God and let Him guide you to bring you peace, joy and happiness. Winter and Tanner's story will keep you on the edge of your seat rooting them on, helping them find their way. Does Gods plans bring them love for each other? Or does their past hold to much for them to handle it together? Emotional, captivating, inspiring, Winter and Tanner will become special friends of yours and you're love for them will bring you to tears, yet bring joy too!

    Pure Amore, Book 2, by Dora was a very inspiring, emotional yet intriguing story that continues this one a month for a year set about purity and saving yourselves for marriage. This set is going to change hearts of all ages in ways beyond words. It's so hard growing up in today's time but the authors of this entire set show us that God loves us and He is always with us and with Him by our side, He gives us joy, hope and love that will make our hearts stronger and oh so very happy!! That's what each of us deserves. I'm so excited that we will be shown this throughout the set. Every guy and girl needs to hear this message. It's such an honor we can hear about it through the Pure Amore ministry!

    Sharon Dean


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