Maeve's Symphony

Maeve\'s Symphony

Is it any wonder that Maeve Callahan would stand by and watch her three best friends, KC, Siobhan, and Aileen find the man of her dreams? They each remained true to their commitment to purity. God has blessed them. Maeve, on the other hand, had failed. She’d committed the ultimate wrong and, although God forgave her, she couldn’t hope to find the happiness found in meeting and falling in love with her future husband. She had her chance … and blew it. And when Josh Andrews, her high school sweetheart, comes to town with big news for the group, she is pleased to hear he’s reaching out to others, and that his faith in God is solid. But, he lets her know they’re not through, and this causes a flurry of trouble in her heart. How can she hope for a future with him?

I’ve been there. I can relate to Maeve’s struggle. It’s not an uncommon one. The important thing to note is that there is redemption. Not for part of the sin, but cleansing from ALL unrighteousness, when we confess our sins to one another. Hiding it will only eat away at us, and a good friend (Maeve’s Sisters) will ever know how to pray or counsel, without judgment, if they aren’t made aware … the sign of a true friend. And we will never know who our true friends are unless we take the risk to trust someone with our heart.

Celebration isn’t far off when truth is borne and healing of the heart commences. Marianne Evans understands this, and peeled back the layers of secrecy to expose the wound to Jesus’s healing touch, gently, and without apology. Maeve’s story is my story, and I am still walking out the truth of this incredible installment to the Sisters in Spirit series.

Karlene A. Jacobsen

PBG Marketing Dept, 10/26/2014
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