Maeve's Symphony

Maeve\'s Symphony

Maeve’s Symphony by Marianne Evans....My heart is saddened as this is the last of this truly blessed series and I will miss Sisters in Spirit oh so much. Maeve’s story blended so well to a friendship I’ve encountered in my life and as I look back, I can see Maeve in this friend, the heartache, the punishments she set for herself. The inner feelings that consumed her thoughts. All the while knowing that God was by her side and kept her wrapped in friends and family that loved her so much that in His time it was her time to shine, her time to find love, her time to blossom. Maeve shows strength and commitment while trying to go back and start all over with her friendship with Josh which was once love. Her story will tug at your heart and send tears to your eyes. She will bless all girls at any age that God loves you no matter the decisions you make in life, good or bad, that even the worst, He will always be with you and guide you. Maeve teaches us how God forgives and how we can seek forgiveness in others. That it will be okay and we are still so very beautiful, no matter our past. Maeve, you are brave and full of encouragement Sweetie! Your story is one that I will never forget and if there is a time of making even a slightest mistake to a big one, I will always remember that I will overcome, I’ll overcome because He is with me! Thank you Marianne for these stories of purity, stories of hope and forgiveness, of love and joy. Sisters in Spirit will stay with me forever! Happy Reading to Everyone!

Sharon Dean, 09/07/2014
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