Kassidy's Crescendo

Kassidy\'s Crescendo

She was the girl who liked to party, who knew her worth was in her popularity … until that day when her new best friends, Siobhan, Aileen, and Maeve showed her the path to Christ. And then came the commitment to purity she made with her friends in Aileen’s room one day during their final months of high school—a commitment Kassidy (KC to her friends) intended to keep.

She fully relied on God through the accountability she found in her friends, and steered clear of compromising situations. Her husband would be a man after God’s heart and determined to protect her honor. Until then, she was going to give herself completely to serving God and maintaining her loyalty to her “sisters.”

But she never expected for Drew Wintower to come into the picture and upset her plans. Or was she upsetting his unwillingness to believe in the saving power of Christ? Either way, KC would have to make a choice to either abandon her faith and commitment in order to have the love of an incredible man, or she’d have to turn her back on the chance to have the passionate love of a man in order to remain true to God.

So often, girls are faced with this. Some will go so far as to think her Christian witness will one day win him over to Christ and they’ll live together in wedded bliss. This rarely works out for her. Instead, she finds herself disappointed in her relationship, and possibly God.

What I loved about Marianne Evans’s approach to Kassidy’s Crescendo is that KC faced the choice head on and relied fully on her friends to help her remain strong. In the end, KC was a winner because of her commitment to the Lord.

We may have to walk away from that person or opportunity. Sometimes it will be goodbye forever. Sometimes, God will work it out for our pleasure. I will leave the ending of this for KC to tell.

Karlene A. Jacobsen

PBG Marketing Dept, 10/26/2014
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