Siobhan's Beat

Siobhan\'s Beat

Have you ever longed for that once in a life time kinda friendship where you are free to be fully you? It doesn't matter what you say or how you feel you know you will be loved. When you are with that person everything feels in tune and with out trying your hearts sing praises to the LORD and your feet begin to dance just because you are together.
Sisters in spirit is a well written series of four books that take you on such an amazing journey. You will learn that our hearts can sing for many reasons friendship, love and talent when used for GOD. Each one of these placed together makes up our symphony of life lending movement to our feet. Purity comes in many forms for each type of relationship. Keeping GOD first is a type of purity that honors Him making us sing the high notes. Honesty and openness with true friends is the melody of life and purity with the opposite sex before marriage and during is the crescendo GOD has planned for us. Marianne Evans writes it all so clearly and cleanly. Truly honoring the one who gives her pen life and her readers joy.
Siobhan's Beat

GOD often spreads seed that blooms in the most unexpected places and time and what often feels like a set back or inconvenience turns out to be our most beautiful flower of blessing.
In the second book of Sisters in Spirit we learn more of this very special friendship of four girls who have been friends for a long time and the special bond they have together and in GOD. They love to let His light shine.
Siobhan's Beat brings one of the girls to a time of reexamination and healing. What she views as a time of real set back and inconvenience, her friends encourage her to look for the blessings bestowed upon her at this same time. They show her love and support in ways she never would have believed. The friendship grows and the LORD's light shines a little brighter because of this time they must go through to combat Satan’s scams.

Marianne Evans seems to know just how to make the seeds GOD planted in her heart bloom in this story. You will love all the flowers you find in this 5 star story!

Renette Steele

PBG Marketing Dept, 10/26/2014
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars