Siobhan's Beat

Siobhan\'s Beat

I’ve read many book series before. Some, I can’t wait to read the next in line, while others I feel are a repetition of the previous book with different names. Marianne has created a series in this quartet of stories that are so closely connected they should be read as one story, yet in order—Aileen’s Song, Siobhan’s Beat, Kassidy’s Crescendo, then Maeve’s Symphony. Like any piece of music, there is a definite beginning, middle and end. The music takes us to a crescendo and fades to another scene, until at last, the final note is played, complete with drums and visions of dancing.

As I read this series, I could see the progression from one to the other. Maeve’s story wouldn’t have been possible if the events of the others hadn’t happened. Well, God could’ve worked it out another way, but this is such a beautiful picture of the many things lining up to bring us to the beautiful, explosive end where the entire audience springs to their feet, applause thundering, rattling the rafters of the theater.

Aileen, Siobhan, KC, and Maeve have performed their parts masterfully, and it’s time for their bow, and for you to go purchase the series. Pass it around to the girls you know who are searching for a reason to wait for the man who’ll gladly stand by her side for life in marriage.

Karlene A. Jacobsen

PBG Marketing Dept, 10/26/2014
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