Siobhan's Beat

Siobhan\'s Beat

This is the second book in the Sisters in Spirit series and as with the first a great read. Life is great, the best friends have just signed a contract to produce CD/DVD and concerts to share the message of God's love and his many gifts, when Siobhan has an awful accident.
The girls, Aileen, Kassidy and Maeve rally around their dear friend and lift her up in all ways that they can, even to having their own mini concert in the hospital.
Tears of laughter streamed down her 29 face, the best medicine known to science. pg 40
The Dr. on Siobhan's case is not only a looker but a man of faith, and charm and the sparks will fly between the two.
As it does, and as the other girls also deal with their temptations of the flesh, we are reminded of a purity pac they had made earlier.

The words were their time honored mantra and a point of truth. A vow of purity, and of bonded friendship, had seen the four of them through the toughest times of standing steadfast in God’s promise and their mutual desire to remain pure of body until they were married. Friends—even potential boyfriends—sometimes scoffed at them for being so guarded with their bodies and hearts, but all four of them trusted their lives to the promise of a forever love. Settling for anything less was not an option. pg. 45
Pick up this wonderful short read and find out what becomes of Siobhan and her dancing career, as well as the Sisters in Spirit and of course her and the dear Dr. Coop.
I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

shan Hogan, 08/08/2014
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