Siobhan's Beat

Siobhan\'s Beat

Siobhan’s Beat by Marianne Evans....As I was extremely excited to dive into another Sisters in Spirit novel, Siobhan’s story had me on the edge of my seat, full of tears, full of joy! Talk about conquering the world by storm with an amazing comeback! Siobhan did just that! In that she taught me how to be a stronger person and that no matter what happens to bring you down, it will not bring you down. God is with you, Sisters are with you, Loved ones are with you, always always! That is something I forget sometimes, it was so great to get reminded of that. Siobhan meets her match in her doctor, however. Their story is full of joy, laughter and heartache a time or two, but it’s one that will have you wanting to jump into the book and hug them both and hold on tight. They take you on a fairytale that all girls dreams about. And dreams are possible! This was another reminder to me that my dreams, go for them! Never give up! God loves you and you are everything to Him. Thank you Marianne for yet another amazing read! Truly love this set!! Happy Reading to Everyone!

Sharon Dean, 08/01/2014
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