Aileen's Song

Aileen\'s Song

A wonderful book! "Alieen’s Song" is the first book in the” Sisters of Spirit” series. The book tells the story of four girls - how their friendship started, their faith, and Alieen’s idea of the purity pact they make together in High School. This book also tells the sweet, loving, beautiful story of Liam and Alieen's “story of us." Liam is one of her best friend's big brother. Aileen has been in love with him since High School. When she returns home from college, her feelings resurface. Her insecurities about her weight, appearance, and her ability to sing make her doubt herself and doubt the possibility of love with Liam or any guy. Alieen enjoys sharing her love for the Lord with others in song. She has a beautiful heart that she shares with many others in life. Read the book to find out what she learns and how it changes her perspective on love and her own beauty, inside and out. You'll also learn how the girls get the name “Sisters in Spirit." Once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down. It makes me want to read the other books in the series about each girl, and you will too. Thanks Marianne

Sherry Dennis, 08/01/2014
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