Aileen's Song

Aileen\'s Song

Aileen’s Song by Marianne Evans.....I absolutely loved Aileen’s story! A story of purity, a story of hope, a story of God’s love. Beautifully written and grows to show us that God is with us and loves us no matter how we look and if the path in life we are in gets bumpy, God is riding the bumps with us. Aileen shows us how beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s whats inside that matters. This was shown throughout the book and WOW, what a wonderful message for all “Sisters”! I was truly blessed by Aileen’s story with Liam, oh Sweet Liam, you are so kind my friend! Love can and does conquer the world! Liam and Aileen shows us that in a very special way!! You will also see the story of how “Sisters in Spirit” comes about. What an inspiration these Sisters are! To all aspects of one’s life. It was an honor to get to know them, even if in character form. Each of them blessed me with such devotion and wisdom! I am looking forward to the rest of this series. Thank you Marianne for an AWESOME book! Happy Reading to Everyone!

Sharon Dean, 08/01/2014
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