Betrayed Hearts

Betrayed Hearts

Lily Draper finds some life-changing documents in her father’s money box that crumble the foundation of her world. She relocates to Rainbow Falls to escape his overbearing religious abuse, her idea of God warped and her trust shattered. Will she be able to find the truth without her past catching up to her?

Nick Logan is studying to be a pastor and plans to step into the role once Ted, the current pastor, retires. He’s studied hard & believes with all his heart this is what God called him to be. He also takes teens under his wings by meeting once a week to talk to them and hang out. His dream is to one day to open a women’s shelter. His life, it seems, is all mapped out until Lily comes to town!

This story has so much going for it and so many layers to peel away! It caught me from the very beginning with Lily escaping her dad’s house to the very gratifying end! You can see her go from not wanting anything to do with God to a gradual change in heart & finally the surrender. Nick plays a big role in showing her what true faith is by how he lives. There’s also side characters such as Maxie & Peg, who befriend her and show her that she can be loved in spite of her past mistakes. It gripped me emotionally too, I felt like I was right there laughing or crying with them. It’s hard to put in words how much I enjoyed this book. It’s rich with details & kept me invested throughout the story! I love the faith threads, the way the characters stuck by one another & how much I wanted to be a resident of Rainbow Falls. There are a myriad of obstacles to overcome for both Nick & Lily and I loved how the author portrayed solutions to them. All in all, a phenomenal story of love, mercy, grace and forgiveness that any reader of Christian fiction will enjoy!

**I received a complimentary copy of this book through Pelican Book Group for my honest review, which I have given here. A big thank you goes out to them!**
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