Love in the WINGS

Love in the WINGS

Reviewed By Brenda Casto for Readers’ Favorite

Aria Robbins doesn't really care for the new youth minister Corbin Bishop, who has come to Angel Falls. As the church secretary and praise team leader, she is hard pressed to avoid him, and when he moves in next door to her at Heart's Haven Apartments it is almost more than she can bear. When the tiny town of Angel Falls comes under spiritual attack, the pair becomes part of a group of prayer warriors hoping to thwart the evil among them. Aria finds herself falling for Corbin, but realizes that he carries hurts from his past that keep him from believing what is really taking place in Angel Falls. Will prayer thwart the dark forces that surround the town? Will Corbin and Aria realize what God has in store for them? Read Love In The Wings by Delia Latham and find out!

I have read a few of the books in the Heart's Haven series and found Love In The Wings the most compelling one yet because it deals with spiritual warfare, something I rarely read about in romance fiction. Delia Latham does an amazing job of pulling me right into the story and into the tiny town of Angel Falls, which is filled with several unique characters, including one that talks to angels. The friction between Aria and Corbin works perfectly, and it was great to see how Pastor David handled the situation. Delia Latham packs a spiritual message within the pages of this story that doesn't come off as preachy; instead it really allows the reader to glimpse the spiritual warfare that goes on all around us. I could totally understand how Corbin felt because of his childhood, but it was what was revealed to Aria in her dreams of his childhood that allowed me to glimpse what many people honestly face daily.

Even though this book is only 91 pages, the author packs plenty of story into those pages by providing a real look at good versus evil while creating well developed characters along with a sweetly written romance. Love In The Wings by Delia Latham is more than just another romance novel; it's the blending of spiritual warfare, angels versus demons, along with how our childhood hurts can shape our adulthood which makes it such a page turning read!

Delia Latham, 10/03/2014
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