• When Ashlyn Forsythe is dumped by her husband on St. Symons Island, she immediately discovers she has no credit, no car, and no house. She is driven to find out why her husband was involved in money laundering for the Russian mob. The FBI question her and she doesn’t know who to trust. Danger lurks at every turn, money is running low, and the police don’t believe she is innocent. Just to complicate matters, shrimp boat captain Remy Jeandeau rescues her more than once and makes her heart race.
    Riptide has suspense, intrigue, romance, and exotic location. Ashlyn is a very believable heroine whose fate the reader really cares about. The story speeds up as the FBI, her daughter, and the shrimp boat captain all become involved in trying to save Ashlyn from the mob. This book is a page turner that I recommend to all lovers of mystery stories.



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