True North

True North

The tragedy of losing a child is heartbreaking enough, but having your marriage disintegrate because of that loss is enough to destroy anyone. Grief is different for each of us, but I think we all want to believe we can lean on those closest to us in our time of need.

Lisa struggles to stand on her own when Joe deserts her after they lose their son. She wants nothing more than to have Joe come back home so they can grieve together for their loss, support each other. But he won't even take her calls.

Joe can't forgive himself for his son's death, blames himself for not being there. He turns his back on God and is convinced that divorcing Lisa would be the best thing for her.

This story is so very moving. It shows how weak we are when we try to stand on our own, but how much stronger we can be when we lean on God. Sometimes we just have to be willing to open our eyes to see His message to us in His creation around us.

This story will be a blessing for anyone who reads it!

Donna Basinow, 03/14/2014
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