• Anne Greene has captured the spirit of Scotland at war with England in 1746 in her book, Marriage by Arrangement. When Cailin marries Duke Avondale of England, she gives him her heart, but finds that although he is charming, tender and loving in the bedroom, he completely ignores her in public. Dark secrets cloud his mind and send him off in the night and early morning to activities about which Cailin can only guess. This is a historical, suspenseful, romantic tale of an unlikely match between two young people on whose shoulders rest the safety of the Lowland Scots. With war all around and Avondale haunted by the things he’s seen and agreed to, Cailin finds herself bearing his child and hiding his secrets. As she begins to learn more about what haunts him, she leads him to new strength through faith in God. Ann has created a setting and characters in a time when one’s life was not one’s own and loyalty to the king was paramount for survival. I’m not usually a fan of this time frame in history, but this one captured my heart and I loved it. I think you will, too.

    See the full review at http://www.marthasbooks.blogspot.com/2014/03/a-marriage-by-a-

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