• This is a suspense, historical, romance novel. Taken place April 19,1746 at the Castle Drummond, home of Lord and Lady McMurry, near the Village of Kirkmichael in Lowland Scotland. Where Lady Cailin was to marry Duke Avondale and her younger sister Lady Megan try to get her not to marry him because of all the rumors. Lady Megan said, " Ask yourself why a grand noble would marry a Scottish lass, who's papa is but a Baron," Papa and the duchess of Avondale arranged the marriage. Cailin was called the Golden Goddess of Castle Drummond and Avondale knew this, he needed a miracle and Cailin could give him a son. Cailin believed in God and she believed that God would give her a loving marriage even if it was an arrangement. Cailin read the big black bible to Avondale often and talk to him about his sins could be forgiving. Avondale would have black out an be gone for a long time he would have darkness, demons and say things about Bloody Billy! ( mental health issues were a no, no back then) So when Cailin knew she was going to have a baby, she loved Avondale, but she had to think of her baby so she had two of the men to watch Avondale to keep him safe. If you want to know what happen you need to read this book i think you will be surprise of how it turned out. I liked the ebook it was given to me through the Book Club for my honest opinion.

    Norma Stanforth


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