Saturday's Child: Softcover

Saturday\'s Child: Softcover

Nail-biting Christian thriller!

This book was worth reading, just to get to the last sentence! Loved how Revell summarizes her story so succinctly. Great suspense, romance, and Christian faith all woven tightly into one spell-binding tale.
Aaron is a farmer who is about to lose his farm to his truly wicked stepmother, Tanis. Aaron has lost all hope in life when his first wife died 3 years prior to the start of this story. He also loses whatever faith he possessed. Enter Meggie, a young church secretary, who is a great and eager planner for a church bonfire on Aaron's property. Trouble ensues as soon as Meggie meets Aaron, is attracted to him, but also senses great oppression in his farmhouse. The forces of evil battle mightily against the forces of the Lord. Who will win depends not just upon the Lord or the devil, but the preparedness or lack thereof of His people.
This was one of those books where I was happy for every strong Scripture reference that protected the the protagonists, and I felt like I needed to pray along side them for protection from the evil one as the book progressed. I wasn't sure how the book would turn out until the end.

I received this book free from and Pelican Book Group in exchange for an honest review.

Becky Lewis, 11/01/2013
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