Dark Biology: Softcover

Dark Biology: Softcover

Bonnie Doran skillfully weaves a bevy of characters into her multifaceted SciFi story told from multiple points of view. I called it SciFi, but there’s more science than fiction here, and a story like this could unfold in the next year or two. It doesn't require an apocalyptic event or a distant, dystopian future.

Do you like outbreak thrillers about deadly viruses? How about realistic, suspenseful, well-researched space stories? Do stories of real people with relational issues appeal to you, issues such as marital problems, sibling rivalry, and romantic rivalry? Perhaps you’re into stories told from a Christian worldview, where flawed characters seek spiritual guidance? Bonnie Doran blends all these ingredients together into a tasty smoothie that you're sure to enjoy. But this reviewer is only giving you the ingredients and a brief description of the flavor. No spoilers! So you’ll have to suck through your own straw to drink in this thrilling ride that navigates a maze of disasters on earth and in space while the suspense builds. I slurped all 333 pages down in two sittings (Amazon’s print-copy page count of 286 is quite a bit short).

Be a little patient as it takes a few chapters to set up the story, but the wait is worth the next 200 pages of non-stop action and suspense. One last thing — Bonnie takes the time to tie up all loose ends. If you don't like dangling threads, there are none. This lengthens the denouement a bit, but with several POV characters it is a completely justifiable ending to this suspenseful, entertaining read.

There. All done and no spoilers … I think.

Harry Wegley, 04/01/2014
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars