Friday's Child

Friday\'s Child

Patrick Page is surely a man on a mission – whatever mission he’s assigned to. He takes his work very seriously, yes to the point of obsession, to the point of not having a personal life at all. But when he runs into Elle at the library, his old flame, he is completely derailed – and he doesn’t even know the half of it. He just can’t keep his mind off her. Not only does he want resolution from those many years ago, to understand why she left him, but he wants to protect her from what he knows is going on at the club where she sings.
Elle is shocked to see Patrick, and afraid to let him close for many reasons. She feels deserted by God, fallen beyond redemption with nothing to offer anyone, but that doesn’t stop her heart from wanting to be close to him again. Each time they meet it gets harder to pushing him away.
If you like romantic suspense, you certainly don’t want to miss this story (or any of the others in this series)! It has a bit of something for everybody and you won’t set it down without these characters touching your heart. Happy reading!

Donna Basinow, 03/06/2014
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars