• Nelson Petersen tells tales of a fabulous treasure he knows how to find. His tall tales have earned him a trip to the psychiatric hosptial. Reporter Dee Parker is sent by her editor to interview Nelson. She intends to ferret out the truth. What she discovers leads her to believe Nelson isn’t crazy…and he might even be telling the truth about the treasure. She plans to help him escape, but before she can, Nelson dies and leaves Dee an inheritance and a trail to follow. Her path is full of guns, Nazis, Russian jewels, a sailboat named Pandora’s Box and a hunky hero who thinks he owns the said sailboat.

    If this sounds like a fun-filled, action-packed romp…you’re right. Lily Maytree has once again created an engaging mystery in exotic locals with a quirky heroine, and a man’s man for a hero. Interesting tidbits are filtered in about sailing and history. All of it’s laced with a good dose of common sense and hilarity. Thoroughly enjoyable!

    Tanya Stowe


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