• "I found this to be really well written, with characters that sucked me in right from the first chapter. Cole and Christie have both been hurt, damaged in their own way, and both are trying to make the best of their solitude. Working through their personal issues, and with friends and family urging them to open themselves more to the spiritual side of human nature, and have faith and trust in God more, there is a lot going on in this story. Full of fun antics, heartwarming friendship and complicated relationships this is a fast-paced novel that draws you in and held my attention throughout. I also got a bit of a kick out of the “friends without benefits” line they tried to describe their burgeoning relationship as it was different to so many other novels out there....An interesting blend of classic, sweet and military – I feel certain this will appeal to a wide range of readers. There is no graphic sex, and indeed nothing stronger than a few kisses between Cole and Christie. I found this sweet enough to let mature teenagers read or to loan to your mum or granny. This is still undoubtedly a romance and filled with a strong, interesting cast of secondary characters and a vibrant moral/Christian themed basis. I think there’s also plenty of reality and enough adventures to interest a broad range of tastes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would happily read more by this author.

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