You Can't Hide

You Can\'t Hide

This is my first book by Wendy Davy but it will not be my last. Cara Dalton decides that as a town librarian her life is pretty boring. She longs to help people. She wants to do something that will be remarkable. Believing her twin brother, Jonas, is a missionary, she follows him to Columbia. Just after arriving, Cara stumbles into the wrong place. Barely getting out of Columbia, Jonas stashes Cara with his ex-partner, Gage, for protection. Now Cara must face not only the fear for her life but fear for her brother and her growing feelings for Gage. Meanwhile, Gage must deal with healing from injuries received from the same man after Cara. He must also face his growing admiration for his best friend's sister. Will they be able to stay alive and put away a drug mogul? Or will their fears overtake them?

There is a Christian message wove throughout the novel as Gage must come to terms about how God could have allowed his injuries to occur. Also, the characters are well defined. As a reader, you come to know the characters. You experience their thoughts and feelings. Many would feel that the short nature of the book would not be enough, but Wendy Davy does it. The book is well written.

I received a copy from in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated for this review.

Melissa Lemaire, 09/09/2013
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