Thursday’s Child

Thursday’s Child (Friday, 05 July 2013)
Rating: 5

5 stars for this whole series!
Oh, my, Ms. Revell has certainly creasted a real heartbreaker here while keeping some deep, dark secrets hidden
from us. First, what could be more heartbreaking than an emergency responder not being able to help a loved one in a life threatening, touch and go
situation? And this is just the opening! Sitting at Niamh’s side with Jared is as hard on the reader as it is on him! To have someone you love not
remember who you are is enough to tear your heart out. Then to toss an unknown danger on top of that will certainly keep you hovering on edge. If you
like a bit of romance with a lot of suspense you will certainly enjoy this story…and go looking for the next one.

PBG Marketing Dept, 07/30/2013
5 of 5 Stars5 of 5 Stars