• marmo212@yahoo.com (Sunday, 23 June 2013)
    Rating: 5

    For me, and for so many who love the uplift and hope to be found in well-written Christian romance, there’s nothing quite like a prodigal story to
    stir the fires of faith. In the pages of A Piece of Heaven, I found just such a treat. With a wonderful mix of heart and emotion, Donna B. Snow’s
    novella showed me the beautiful mix of two people who were meant to be together—if they can move forward from a painful past. When Jared Larou meets
    the spirited, dream-chasing Trina Wembly, he’s battling heavy duty demons. Jared is a former believer, helping Trina design and construct a coffee
    shop where she will also headline as a singer. He’s drawn to the charming entertainer who provides acoustic-style Christian music for her customers
    each night. Trina is just what Jared needs—compassionate and caring, thoughtful and tender—but is he ready for a relationship with her? Is he
    ready to even attempt reconciliation with God? Snow uses strong emotion and lovely setting details to draw you in and keep you turning the pages until
    you find out. A Piece of Heaven is a wonderful story about the way God chases us, and blesses us with love and fresh hope, even when we don’t think
    we deserve it.

    PBG Marketing Dept


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