• donnabasinow@yahoo.com (Sunday, 31 March 2013)
    Rating: 5

    Well, I'm a real sucker for second chance romances, as just about everyone knows, so this one definitely found its way into my heart. Ms. Manners does
    a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life and making them quite, well, human.

    The lost letter to Jack comes as quite a shock to
    him and the way he flies straight to Misty you know sparks are going to fly. And just cause Misty wants to think she's over him, her reaction to Jack
    when he steps back into their lives shows just how wrong she is.

    And when they finally dig into the past and discover what really happened,
    they find themselves right back at the same crossroads of a decision.

    Great story! I loved it!

    PBG Marketing Dept


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