Dance with Me

Dance with Me (Wednesday, 06 March 2013)
Rating: 5

Kaci James is an English teacher at Angel Falls High School. She also moonlights incognito for the local newspaper, responding to questions for advice
regarding romance. She is single, and intends to keep it that way, having been left at the altar on her wedding day, an experience that haunts her,
and one that she doesn't intend to repeat.

Ryne Calvert is a law enforcement officer in Angel Falls. He is compelled to move on to a
position where he can assist the local teens in the community. After a breaking and entering incident Ryne blames himself for the death of a local
teen. The teen wielded a knife, cutting Ryne quite badly during a scuffle. The teen then lost his footing and died as the result of a fall down a
ravine. Ryne's nightmare is his involvement in the tragic loss of a young life.

Heart's Haven is a magical community where angels have
been known to put spells on the residents, causing them to unsuspectingly fall in love. Ryne and Kaci both live in Heart's Haven, and have been
neighbors for several months. When Ryne begins his new position with the local high school as a resource officer, he and Kaci become better
acquainted. Ryne is already attracted to Kaci. Could the angels of Heart's Haven have love in store if Kaci is a willing participant?

Manners is an expert in weaving tales of romance. Her detailing in the description of her characters actually brings them to life, an element that
enhances their personalities, resulting in delightful, lovable, and humorous characters. Dance With Me is a sweet story of overcoming rejection and
guilt, and learning to trust, in a town where love magically overcomes adversity.

DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of this book from the
author with no expectations regarding a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine, and no compensation has been received for this honest

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