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    Zack Manning is overwhelmed about which direction to take regarding his future as a computer software genius. He's been offered the job of a lifetime
    which could take him from rural Angel Falls, Texas to Manhattan. Zack is battling with himself regarding the position, and can't bring himself to
    accept the job when Zoe Wyndam raps on his door with a plate of food from the Heart's Haven community barbecue. He's not sure about her presence,
    knowing she's "different," and a bit weird, although pretty.

    Zoe is a free spirit, a flower child born to hippie parents who
    raised her in communes. She dresses in peasant style tops, long flowing skirts, bell bottom pants, and her hair is woven into a long braid that flows
    down the length of her back. Zoe is blessed with the gift of discernment that she refers to as a "God thing." She's an artist with a vision
    and spends her days creating beauty in stained glass windows inspired by God. Her relationship with God is close to tangible. It appears to emanate
    from her being. Her dream is to do mission work in orphanages in Haiti. What could she and Zack possibly find in common?

    In the little
    cottage rental community of Heart's Haven in Angel Falls, Texas, angels dwell and a spirit of love blooms. The residents have all been affected at one
    time or another by the movings of the angels throughout the community. Zoe has a special affinity for the angels, God's heavenly guardians, and it
    appears that the angels of Heart's Haven are moving about through Zoe and Zack's lives. As Zoe explains to Zack about her "God things" he's
    confused that she can so clearly feel the spirit moving within and around her. His only experience with church was when his grandmother was alive. She
    made sure he attended church every Sunday, but after she passed away he stopped attending. Zoe asked if he ever talked to himself, explaining that by
    talking aloud he was in essence talking to God. As they become more acquainted Zack doesn't see Zoe as quite so kooky after all, and begins to take to
    heart what she has to say.

    Tanya Stowe enhances an already magical and enchanting setting named Heart's Haven, where her characters are as
    different as night and day. She creates quirky visions of Zoe, unique and one of a kind, spirited by angels and a strong faith in God. Zack is a
    grounded businessman who is on the path to a respectable career and success. She then tosses them together and they become as irresistable to the
    reader as they are to one another! This is a precious and sweet story of opposites who certainly attract!

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