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    Rating: 5

    Magical & Heartwarming!
    For six months Alexa Gordon mourned a broken engagement. As she stood in her kitchen following a recipe for scones,
    memories of a study term spent in Britain engulfed her. University friends, Peter and Vannie Colby had purchased the cookbook from Harrod's as a gift
    to her. Memories of a happier time sparked a sudden desire to revisit the UK and the friends she'd grown to love. Discovering Alexa's Facebook status
    of baking scones and counting down the days till the end of the year, Peter saw an opportunity to bring Alexa to revisit London. He responded with an
    offer of free accommodations in the apartment he shared with his twin sister, Vannie. Peter's enthusiasm and a pictorial description of a scene from
    the pages of Dickens prompted Alexa to an impulsive decision to return to London for the Christmas season. As Alexa and Peter revisited the wonderful
    places she held close to her heart her attraction for Peter intensified, something Alexa wasn't yet prepared to pursue. Peter was confused and
    frustrated by Alexa's hesitancy, but encouraged her to listen and follow God's lead as his love for her continued to heighten.
    /_"Finding Home" is a delightful and heartwarming rendition of lovable and believable characters brought to life. I felt as though I had
    been transported to London, and was given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of that historic city, to partake in high tea at Harrod's, spend an
    evening in an English pub, as well as visiting Trafalgar Square and the London Bridge. This tale of the struggles of two young people finding their
    places in life and love is serendipitous and charming. Following God's plan for their lives is pivotal in this story of a romantic holiday in London.
    I highly recommend this lovely novella!

    A complimentary copy of Finding Home was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.
    All opinions expressed are my own.

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