Chasing Christmas

Chasing Christmas (Thursday, 08 November 2012)
Rating: 4

Wrapped in a suffocating cocoon of depression, Teddy Whitaker finds even his desperate suicide attempt unsuccessful. Determined to escape his
problems, risks life and limb yet again to board a moving freight train, only to find his chosen boxcar already occupied…by a mysterious child who
presents him with life-or-death lessons he must learn before Christmas morning. Teddy sets out to save his life, and perhaps his soul. But of course,
with the stakes that high, another entity is ready to prevent the success of Teddy’s mission…rnChasing Christmas is not your everyday Christmas
tale. This gripping novella contains hints of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol…a touch of The Shack by William Young…and even a vague Stephen King-ish
flavor. Yet Hunt’s writing is not an echo of any of these strong influences. This author deserves high accolades for presenting a couple of
difficult subjects and a gripping storyline in a voice distinctly his own.rnChasing Christmas provides powerful food for thought – and a new
awareness of one’s everyday blessings. Don’t be afraid to tuck this one into every stocking on your Christmas list. It’s that kind of specia

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4 of 5 Stars4 of 5 Stars